James 1:1-4                   The Theology of Trials                                               
James 1:5-8 The Essential Need in Our Trials       
James 1:9-12 Earthly Possessions
James 1:13-18 What to Be Alert To in Our Trials
James 1:19-21 What to Do In Our Trials
James 1:22-25 Don't Just Hear, But Do
James 1:26-27 Warnings To The Religious
James 2:1-13 Treating Others As God Treats Us
James 2:14-28 Saving Faith-Part 1
James 2:14-28 Saving Faith-Part 2
James 3:1-12 The Tongue-Part 1
James 3:1-12 The Tongue-Part 2
James 3:13-18 Godly Wisdom
James 4:1-3 Relational Conflicts
James 4:4-10 There is More Mercy in Christ Than Sin In Us  
James 4:11-12 The Evil of Evil Speech
James 4:13-17 Planning, Projecting, Profit, and Presumption
James 5:1-8 The Danger and Destruction of Wealth
James 5:7-11 The Patient Life
James 5:12-18 The Duty To Pray
James 5:19-20 The Wanderer